Present Simple

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  • Things in general

    • The moon goes round the earth.
    • It doesn’t rain very much in summer.
    • Many social workers work directly with clients.
    • Psychologists investigate behavior in many ways.
    • Correlation does not demonstrate causation.
  • Things that happen repeatedly

    • I usually go away at weekends.
    • Google crawls Facebook frequently.
    • Whenever possible, psychologists settle differences by direct investigation.
  • To say how often we do things

    • My son visits my house once a week.
    • Iran holds presidental elections every four years.
  • Permanent situation

  • Non-continuous Verbs

    (like, love, … , know, realise, remember, …, contain, depend, …)

    • I don’t like this lecture.
    • I believe this kind of psychotherapy is not effective.
    • I prefer a much more active environment
    • I remember our first Forest Festival.
  • Present simple is timeless

  • Do not forget the -s / -es if using the third person.

    • He works …
    • The figure shows that …
    • The earth goes round the sun.
  • Negative

    • Rice does not grow in cold climates
    • I don’t drink coffee very often

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